James Shipp  |  Principal

James is a 25-year senior marketing and advertising management executive who has spent his career shaping companies and brands through an array of expertise and skill.

Shipp has worked with digital and traditional ad agencies, clients, organizations and various ground-breaking projects, starting out as an intern at Oglivy & Mather Chicago to agencies across the country, James as accumulated some of the most sought after knowledge in the industry.

As a strategic visionary who assesses a company’s needs, Jim explores options and implements solutions with the uncanny knack of matching specific needs of corporations with an agency’s capabilities.

Shipp has been contracted for business development by corporations throughout the United States, providing strategies to both traditional and digital environments.

Recent accounts range from colleges and universities, to electronics, spirits and liquors to health products, restaurants and automotive, are: Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Arizona State University Athletics, Monster Audio Products, Ninkasi Brewing, Jose Garces Group of Restaurants, Ryan House Pediatric Hospice, Olympian Labs, Jackson Car Centers, Royal Metalworks, Vero Inc., and Code Red I and CHAR Products, world wide.

“Jim brings a lot of knowledge and creative thinking to help work within an organization’s budget and challenges. He works hard and takes accountability for his projects from start to finish. I’d highly recommend Jim for project management jobs that require someone with confidence and know-how.”

Susan Krause, Former Director Marketing & Public Relations Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
May 17, 2019

“I had the wonderful opportunity to meet James when I was managing business development at Monster Products. James is a consummate professional and personal friend. As a professional, he dedicates his time to get to know his clients on a deeper level than other marketing professionals. He takes special note of the company culture as well as takes the time to understand the goals of the different departments. With this knowledge, he is able to craft lots of creative ideas to show his client. As a personal friend, he takes the time to have personal conversations with you, and he always offers to lend a helping hand when needed.”

Robin Lee, Monster
March 2, 2019

“James is a sincere, dedicated and smart marketer who builds solid relationships. These qualities make him great in several roles from creative to production work to new business development. James and I have worked together on projects in the past. He’s someone I’ve chosen to stay in touch with over the years because he is a quality individual.”

Alicia Wadas, COO – Lavidge
March 16, 2017